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With the limited time we have daily, Island Maids understands that every family has their own unique situation of supporting elderly caregiving needs, taking care of infant, toddler’s and children’s needs, household cleaning and even meeting work and career demands. Households need to work out their only daily routine so that such demands will not take toll on them in the long run. 

Gain quality service of a full-time maid, so that you and your family can factor in full time maid help to cope with the increasing workload that households may now face. 

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Why Choose Island Maids? 
The right maid agency is vital in assisting you with your part time maid or full-time maid hire. Due to our years of experience and clientele support, which translates to thousands of employers, foreign domestic workers and different family’s needs handled, Island Maids is hence able to be here for you throughout your hiring process. We would also hope to hear from you and be of service to you even after your part time maid or full-time maid has been deployed to your family. 


Island Maids is able to provide you start-to-end comprehensive services to simplify the process of hiring a part time maid or a full-time maid. We continually strive our best to make the process as hassle-free as possible. From the day you engage our part time maid or full time maid services, we will handhold the employer through the entire process to cover all the following aspects: the interview procedures, the necessary applications and paperwork, all work-permit applications, travel and lodging arrangements, insurance and security bond purchase, medical check-up, and additional in-house training to ensure that the transition is one that is smooth for your family and that also complies with the current regulations. 


At Island Maids, we are dedicated and committed to being responsive and giving our best. The right match for your family is our top priority. 


Share your caregiving and full-time maid requirements with Island Maids and let us support you today. Visit www.islandmaids.com.sg for more information.

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