Quality Part Time Home Care is important. 

Island Maids understands that every family has a unique preference and the option of a full-time maid may not fit every household’s dynamics. Some families prefer a part-time maid service, take for example on an ad-hoc or need-only basis. Let us help to assist you and your loved ones with a part time maid that helps to settle all your household needs just as promptly and efficiently.

Gain quality service of a part-time maid with a peace of mind. Choose your type of household caregiving or cleaning needs. Tailor your part time maid service option to decide how frequent your family requires the part time maid service, and whether it is to be met daily or weekly, depending on your family’ needs and schedule. Engage a part-time maid for your family today! 

Our Cleaning RATES


$25 per hr

Daily Rates

Monthly Rates

Weekend Rates


9am to 1pm – 4 hours : $88

2pm to 6pm – 4 hours : $88

$20/ hour

9am to 1pm (2 week days)  $640 

2pm to 6pm (2 week days)  $640

$25/ hour
9am to 1pm to 4 hours: $100 

2pm to 6pm to 4 hours: $100 

Customised Cleaning Package

Please contact us for your needs and a quote. 






Our part-time cleaning services in Singapore covers most of your household requirements. From keeping you flooring squeaky cleaned, to your domestic equipments and other time consuming household chores, our hardworking cleaners are professionally trained and experienced to handle the task assigned to them. A clean and tidy home is just a phone call away. Call us and enjoy the benefits today!